About Rapha Global Corp and the products we bring to our valued customers.

Rapha Global Corporation is an organization established in the State of North Dakota, United States of America. Rapha is a Hebrew word, one of the meanings is ( To Be Restored ) Our vision is to help restore the Immune System back to how God first created it to be. Rapha Global does this by providing access to all natural health food products to Ministries, Orphanages, Individuals and Corporate bodies around the world.

Rapha Global also provides healthy living information and consulting services to ensure that people have access to resources that ensures health restoration. Our main objectives are to bring health products including Flax Hull Lignans and other health and nutritional products within the reach of people for protection and restoration to good health. And to bring the knowledge to people about products that are essential for good health and protection through marketing, teaching, research, health promotion and consulting.

Our passion is to give life to people through the provision of natural products for healthy living and pure natural ancient grain flaxseed products… we also provide healthy living education and consulting through our nonprofit.

Rapha Corporation partners with ( GSI ) Global Support Initiatives .org and other academic institutions on research. Marketing materials are developed to promote the sale of flax lignans. In partnership with GSI we provide research health information and outreach programs to help the needy in different parts of the world. Rapha Global Corporation saw a need that natural health products can meet. We realized that most diseases can be healed through natural foods and remedies available on Earth to restore our bodies. The realization of the health benefits of flaxseed products (flaxseed, oil, lignans), which is one of the most potent food created by God, the need to promote local ND products, as well as the new invention of a flax seed dehuller that mechanically separate the hulls that contain lignans from the flax seed, made it possible for large quantity production of flax hull lignans for human and animal nutrition marketing to the public. This has given incentive for research and marketing of Flax Hull Lignans, Flax by-products and other seed grains for human and animals. The invention of the flax dehuller was first put into operation in July 2000. Testimonials are suggesting that this food supplement may have many benefits including a contributor to boosting the immune system. Creditable scientific research is needed to support the claims.  It is the intention of our company to coordinate, consult, educate and promote research and sales of flax hull lignans and other grain products for humans and animals. Many are sick and need natural remedies to heal which can bring permanent healing and reduce health care expense.

Helping people realize that healthy living is simply a process of establishing a healthy lifestyle. It involves a strong spiritual life, making good choices, such as choosing healthy foods, maintaining regular exercise, and managing the stresses in our life are ways we can establish a healthy lifestyle.